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It is extremely important to us that our clients derive full benefit from their Air Maestro system. Through training and optimisation, we facilitate maximum employee engagement and comprehensive organisational integration. Our aim is to enhance the safety, quality and efficiency of our client’s operations.

Slow adoption and staff turnover often result in sub-optimal use of Air Maestro due to a lack of know-how and confidence from clients’ employees. Cairn offers continuation training to address this gap. Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide organisation-specific training (on-site or online) or general training (via open webinars).

Once our clients’ staff have been trained and are engaged with the system, we help them to elevate the functionality of Air Maestro to new levels. Our approach focuses on function before automation, meaning that our advisors analyse and, if applicable, seek to streamline organisational workflows before applying Air Maestro to the management thereof.

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CADG Initial Training

September 30th, 2019|

In September of 2019 CADG received their initial Air Maestro training at Stellenbosch Flying Club. We spent three days with their Operations Manager, Base Manager and Chief ISR Technician to bring them up to speed on managing their new Air Maestro domain.

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Training Webinars


Free Training for you and your team

Cairn regularly hosts free webinars to provide refresher training to our clients. Recordings are uploaded to our YouTube channel for later review by your staff to help them implement Air Maestro’s management systems more effectively.

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