Air-Tec Global and Cairn Aviation held a workshop in August of 2020 to focus on further implementation and optimisation of their Air Maestro system. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop was conducted remotely using video conferencing software. Attendees included key personnel from Air Tec’s maintenance, safety, quality, flight operations and compliance departments.

During the course of the workshop, the current implementation status of Air-Tec’s Air Maestro domain was examined and suggestions were provided by Cairn on how to further optimise existing functionality or implement features that were not used. The following modules were examined in detail with the relevant heads of department:

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Michael Thomson from Cairn Aviation has once again gone above the call of duty during Air-Tec’s Air Maestro Workshop held in August 2020. This year was conducted solely online due to COVID-19. Doing it remotely actually allowed us to be more flexible with regards to scheduling what needed to be done.
These workshops have become invaluable to us. They are so important to our development and continued improvement that we have budgeted for them annually. We look forward to the next one.
Thanks again to Mike for all his hard work and patience!

The August 2020 workshop as conducted for Air-Tec Global was a great success, with a newly restructured team from our company, there were some that were new to the system and then those of us that have been working with it as of 2015. 

Michael Thomson from Cairn Aviation, who headed up this workshop over a period of 2 weeks provided excellent guidance and additional insights to Air Maestro. Patient as ever he gave initial training to some, provided advice on areas for those that are of intermediate knowledge of the system and assisted with  implementation of additional checklists and reporting structures that have indeed increased our output as a combined team.

I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. Thank you Mike and Cairn Aviation, much appreciated.