Key Features

  • Create customisable risk-based safety report forms to electronically capture information relating to incidents, accidents and hazards.

  • Assign submit and view access levels to individual safety reports, enabling required personnel to complete and view the applicable reports. This includes the ability to specify access at a base and department level. For example, provide pilots with submit access to ‘flight’ safety reports, and view access to ‘flight’ reports at their base. Base managers may have full access to submit and view all report types at their respective base.

  • Setup rules corresponding with the required investigation personnel for each report type, per risk, location and department.

  • Instigate investigation forums with the involvement of key personnel, should the reported event require further analysis.

  • Track corrective actions from assignment to resolution, with integrated email notification capabilities.

  • Allocate the reviewed risk associated with each report, following the completion of the report investigation.

  • Enable sign-offs for each report type corresponding with the risk associated with the report. Include additional sign-off personnel as required for each instance of a safety report.

  • Distribute the findings of all safety reports to all required personnel, facilitating an open safety culture in the organisation.

  • Perform advanced analysis of your safety reports, using interactive dashboards, allowing the analysis of reports, by base, department, risk level, type, cause category interactively. Each dashboard supports export capabilities for inclusion in Board Reports etc.

safety report and investigation from air maestro