Key Features

  • Setup highly customisable flight records to capture required information for each flight such as crew, passengers, fuel, route and more.

  • Fully integrated with the Timesheet module enabling crew to enter flight details directly from their timesheet.

  • Auto-populate flight times from within the Scheduler module.

  • Customisable flight identifier allowing you to change the default ‘flight’ to your organisational requirements (Mission, Job, etc.).

  • Auto-generated flight numbers, ensuring each flight is listed in the correct order, simplifying tracking and reporting.

  • Link risk assessments created in the Operational Risk Assessment module directly with the corresponding flight record.

  • Flight records are fully integrated with pilots’ recency data, allowing each flight to automatically update their corresponding recency items.

  • All fields contained in the flight records register can be reported on using the reporting module to track KPI’s such as total flight hours per contract, pilot, mission, etc.

flight records from air maestro