Key Features

  • Online crew rostering module to allocate personnel and aircraft resources via the allocation of shift codes.

  • Tour resources to different bases, ensuring resources are correctly represented.

  • Utilise roster templates for recurrent work patterns, simplifying the roster creation process.

  • Incorporate Shift Validation rules to ensure correct number of resources are rostered per department.

  • Allocate recency requirements per shift code and flag non-conformance supporting compliance.

  • Validate roster and identify any work practice or recency exceedances.

  • Compare rostered data, scheduled tasks and timesheet data to ensure rostering best practices.

  • Notify users of roster changes via email or text message with the ability to attach new versions of the roster.

  • Save versions of historic rosters.

  • Optionally enable roster publishing functionality which allows roster planners to manipulate rosters prior to publication.

  • Manage shift changes with the ability to override set shift codes times, allocated work practices and recency requirements.

  • Attach documents and enter notes for any rostered shift.

Crew Rostering
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