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A scalable, customisable solution for your operation

Air Maestro is a cloud-based aviation software solution encompassing operations, safety and quality management. The design philosophy emphasises the integration of organisation-wide management functions. This allows an operator to monitor company functions from the individual to the group level.

Air Maestro has been growing since 2004 in response to the requirements of operators in a wide variety of industry sectors. We are constantly gathering feedback and suggestions for future development from our growing user base.

Cairn Aviation is proud to be an Alliance Partner of Avinet, the developers of Air Maestro.

For almost a decade, Air Maestro has been an integral part of Heli Malongo’s aviation operation in Angola. We have used it extensively for flight and duty management as well as for our safety (SMS) system, both on the fixed-wing and rotary wing sides.

We are proud to have been one of the first OGP operators in the region to have moved into an almost entirely paperless environment and brought all departments into the online space. The support from the Avinet team has been outstanding from day one and the system has continued to evolve and grow with our needs.

The flexibility and adaptability of the system has been one of it’s strongest features in a sector which has been constantly challenged in recent times to remain both cost-effective and safety-oriented.

We chose Air Maestro to replace our previous Aviation Management System, a system we tried to develop on our own which came with great difficulty and cost.

Air Maestro gave us the most complete solution for our Flight Operations Department. Air Maestro has many different modules to suit your needs. We have found great value in the Timesheets Module, this manages Flight and Duty on a real-time basis which has helped improve our Safety Management Systems for e.g. when duty times are exceeded, our management team is notified immediately making problem-solving a lot more efficient.

Another module on Air Maestro that has proved to be of great benefit is the Scheduling Module. Our Base-Coordinators make use of this module to schedule crew on base. When scheduling crew it notifies Base-Co of any recency or flight and duty exceedances which again has improved our overall Safety Culture.

The help desk is always patient and willing to help with our queries. Thank you Air Maestro Team.

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Air-Tec Global provides world-class aviation services often in difficult and challenging regions. Air-Tec’s clients range from Regional Airlines, Humanitarian Aid Agencies, Freight, Oil exploration support, Government and NGO Contracts. These are discerning clients who demand the best.

To manage our large fleet and personnel, Air-Tec has chosen Air Maestro. Air Maestro has proved to be invaluable during our various audits and reviews, it exceeds both customer and regulatory requirements through our commitment to aviation safety and quality standards. 

This would not have been possible without the various functionalities (modules) that Air-Maestro offers.  Air-Tec makes use of nearly every module that Air Maestro has to offer, ranging from FDP, SMS, Quality, Exams, and Operations, etc. allowing us to manage aircraft and crew that are located all around the world in different time zones. 

Air Maestro is a cost-effective solution to manage safety and offers a professional help desk. Queries, tasks, and requests are resolved in a timely manner.

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Air Maestro has significantly impacted on Kishugu Aviation (Pty) Ltd by reducing administrative processes previously executed manually, as well as proactively manage the Operations of the organisation. All the modules in Air Maestro contribute to the day to day successes of the organisation by enhancing the effectiveness of safety management, audits, training, recency, rostering, risk management and task tracking to mention only a few.

Kishugu Aviation’s administrative and management process burden has halved since the
introduction of Air Maestro into the organization. Thank you once again for the continued support, it is not often that an organization make good on online or technical support, especially when dealing with IT products, you have surely met our expectations and continue to go above and beyond.

Looking forward to the future with Air Maestro.

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Operations Suite

Our fully featured operations suite features a wide selection of modules to effectively manage your business. These modules are designed to facilitate your operational planning and resource control in an integrated and intelligent fashion.

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Safety & Quality Suite

Our safety suite is designed to give you complete control of your Safety and Quality Management Systems. From customisable reporting to conducting audits, our safety suite gives you the tools to manage risk effectively.

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Shared Features

Our shared features are bundled with both the Operations and the Safety suites, ensuring you get the best value out of whatever package you choose.

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What else is included?


Do I need to contact the helpdesk to customise Air Maestro?

Although our users are welcome to contact the helpdesk for any assistance they require, they’re not obligated to do so in order to customise Air Maestro. All the configuration and customisation functionality is available to users with the requisite access permissions.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is protected by security measures that restrict access from anyone who does not have a user profile on your system with the correct level of access to the data concerned.

How often is Air Maestro backed up?

All Air Maestro domains are extensively backed up and shipped to a separate AWS account. Full database backups are sent daily and transaction logs are sent hourly.

  • Daily database backups are kept for 2 months.
  • A daily database backup is also transferred to the EU London Region and retained for 2 weeks.
  • A weekly full database backup is retained for 3 years in AWS Glacier.
  • A monthly backup is retained for between 3 and 7 years in AWS Glacier.
What browsers are compatible with Air Maestro?

Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are currently the preferred browsers used to access Air Maestro. Air Maestro is continually enhanced to increase browser compatibility and overall performance.

What do I need to access Air Maestro?

You simply require an internet connection and a compatible Internet browser.

Can I purchase just the Operational or Safety Suites?

Yes, the pricing model for Air Maestro allows operators to implement all modules within the system or just the Operational or Safety & Quality Management System Suites.

How long will the initial setup take?

The initial setup time is subject to the number of users and the amount of data that you wish to import into the system. Our development and support staff aim to have your new Air Maestro system established and ready to use within one week. Cairn support staff work with you to conduct user training and complete the setup of module preferences based on the way your business operates.

What is the process should I choose to implement Air Maestro?

The process to set up an Air Maestro system begins with the establishment of your new Air Maestro site. Once the site is established, Cairnstaff will assist you to set up or import your company data relevant to aircraft and personnel and complete the setup and customisation of your system for first use.

How is Air Maestro hosted?

Air Maestro utilises Amazon Web Services to host the majority of its customers globally. European and African customers are hosted in the AWS EU Ireland region.

How do I install Air Maestro?

Air Maestro is entirely cloud-based so no installation or self-hosting is necessary. Upon receipt of the establishment fee, your database and domain will be established by our development team.

How does Air Maestro’s pricing structure work?

Air Maestro is provided in three plans:

  1. Full Functionality
  2. Operations Suite Only
  3. Safety & Quality Suite Only

Pricing is determined according to a user licence and is based on a subscription.

There is a once-off establishment fee which covers the establishment of your domain, initial training as well as population and customisation on your behalf.

How do you calculate a user licence?

We have a fair use policy which means that we determine your user licence according to the actual usage of your site.

To establish a starting user licence our consultants will work with you estimate a fair user licence based on the size of your organisation and the expected usage of your Air Maestro domain.
At the conclusion of your first licence term, we will look at snapshots of unique logins over the licence term and average that to determine the actual average usage of your site. Once this number is established we will work with you to revise your user licence up or down according to the past unique logins and expected future logins.
We never limit the number of concurrent users that you may have active nor are you ever limited by the number of user profiles that you may have active on your Air Maestro domain.

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