Kishugu 2019 Workshop

Cairn Aviation provided the Kishugu Aviation Management team with on-site training of the Air Maestro system. Our team consisted of various departments from Logistics and Maintenance to Flight Operations, Quality Assurance and Safety. Although our levels of expertise on this system varied, the training offered by Cairn was comprehensive, yet simple enough that even the most novice of us could understand. All questions raised during the presentation were not only answered but also included a demonstration of the explanation and understanding. The professionalism and knowledge of the product shown by the facilitator were exceptional.

We now have a better understanding of the true potential of Air Maestro and how to more efficiently utilize the various modules available. Thank you to the team of Cairn Aviation and Avinet for your continuous support and excellent training.  We are undoubtedly more skilled and familiar with the system.  

Ryan O’Malley – Quality Manager